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29 Nov 2013Telesoft Technologies to exhibit at Carrier Network Virtualization - Stand 17!

Telesoft Technologies will be exhibiting at the Carrier Network Virtualization conference in Palo Alto from December 9th and 11th. We will be showcasing our range of products, including the Triton and our innovative Optical Switch solution.

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27 Nov 2013API Enabling the Network – ARNE SDP simplifies innovation for operators

As competitive challenges grow, operators are looking for ways to accelerate innovation within their organisations. They also want to extend innovation possibilities to third parties, although the lessons of the past few years show that such efforts need to be targeted extremely carefully.

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20 Nov 2013Spotlight Turns to Service Personalisation, Says Ovum

45% of operators view policy management “as a top-three priority, for the next 12 – 18 months”, according to a detailed survey conducted by Ovum. The main driver behind this focus is the need to enhance customer experience management (CEM) and direct investments towards appropriate supporting systems.

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11 Nov 2013The Service Aware Network

Operators today aspire to deliver a growing range of personalised services. They want to deliver an experience that is optimised for a user’s preferences. Increasingly, this means focusing on the specific applications that are being consumed. In order to achieve this, they need the ability to identify traffic of different types and provide the appropriate policy and charging schemes.

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28 Oct 2013VAS Revenue Growth Slows: Making the Most of Current Assets Is Critical

According to recent reports, VAS revenue growth is slowing in many regions. While Africa and Asia remain strong, Europe in particular is forecast to go into decline. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities for successful VAS deployments, but it does mean that operators need to think carefully about how to make the most from their network.

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23 Oct 2013Record and Playback of LTE Network Traffic in Test Conditions

Some developers are lucky enough to have captive networks against which to test their solutions. Internal development teams in mobile network operators, for example, are probably able to readily access live conditions. But most developers of value added service applications – which are essential to help drive revenue in LTE deployments - cannot benefit from such privileges. They don’t have LTE network deployments available in their labs for test purposes.

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08 Oct 2013End-to-End Monitoring and Troubleshooting in LTE Networks

LTE networks contain a complex array of elements and functional entities. These are interconnected by well-defined interfaces, such as S5 and S8. The interfaces convey control plane and session signalling, using Diameter and SIP protocols respectively. Each transaction, session or event requires propagation of signalling data between nodes that are required to fulfil the specific task.

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26 Sep 2013The Challenge of Diameter Monitoring in LTE

With mobile networks rapidly adopting LTE, Diameter signalling is starting to spread throughout the control plane. It is used between many of the control plane entities, replacing legacy SS7 signalling, and will also provide vital connectivity to OSS and BSS systems to support key processes.

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16 Sep 2013Outliers and Trends in Big Data: Both are Key to Monetisation

One of the interesting things about the big data revolution is the fact that we can learn both from trends within the data as well as outliers that do not match them. Much has been written about outliers in the past, but it’s only now that we are beginning to see how important they may be to future monetisation strategies.

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09 Sep 2013Relevance and Cost: A Classic Trade-off – but there is a Practical Solution

Data analytics continues to attract huge amounts of attention. It’s crept into the public imagination and the mainstream media has begun to pay attention, with the Times of London even publishing a special supplement on the topic. As network operators are becoming aware, their networks are the source of a continuous stream of data that, properly collected and interpreted can help solve many challenges and create new opportunities.

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