05 Sep 2017 CeX Data Breach – Up to 2 million customer’s personal data compromised

Second hand games and electronics store CeX last week issued a statement notifying their customers of a massive online security breach. CeX said that everything from passwords, customers’ names, physical addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and encrypted data from expired credit and debit cards from 2009 were exposed in an attack conducted by “an unauthorized third party” that illegally accessed the company’s computer systems. Read more

17 Aug 2017 Spotting a DDoS attack in your network

‘Blizzard Entertainment Hit With Weekend DDoS Attack’, ‘World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and other games hit by DDoS’ and ‘Kids these days: the 16-year-old behind 1.7 million DDoS attacks’ are just three of the headlines about DDoS attacks in August, I didn’t open the other 19,000 results. I think it is fair to say that DDoS attacks are a very real threat, the tools for which are easily accessible or bought and unfortunately potential victims are currently not prepared for an attack. A scary demonstration of freely available malware is the Mirai botnet, which can be linked directly to most of the recent 100Gbps attacks. Read more

10 Aug 2017 HBO Hack: The spoilers of war

Unless you having been hiding under a rock or binge watching the new Game of Thrones series, you will have heard about the latest ‘big’ hack currently playing out in the press. HBO, the studio behind some of the most successful shows on TV, such as Game of Thrones (GoT) has been hacked. It is has been revealed that hackers stole up to 1.5 terabytes of data from the network and are demanding a payment of $6 million to stop the release of the stolen content, having apparently already leaked what appears to be the personal data and e-mails of at least one senior HBO executive and upcoming GoT scripts. Read more

03 Aug 2017 Cyber Security: Without knowledge there is no wisdom

We took the knowledge we have gained from over 28 years of experience and asked how is wisdom applied in the cyber security industry and, alas, in what areas we may see it lacking... Read more

14 Jul 2017 Improving Enterprise Network Operational Efficiency

Despite a recent trend towards organisations outsourcing network security to third party management companies, a recent study conducted by Forcepoint clearly shows that most enterprises actually prefer internally managed full network visibility, control and flexibility to make their own choices about changes. When talking to CISO’s and SOC teams, Telesoft has found that manageability, automation and centralised management tools are key to keeping a network running smoothly, and without a putting extra strain on limited resources. Large enterprise networks are also becoming more distributed, which places extra credence on fit for purpose remote management capabilities. Read more