Find your network breakpoint, before someone else does

30 Jul 2015

Sophisticated cyber-attacks, orchestrated by well organised and financially motivated criminal groups, look to take advantage of holes in network security that become vulnerable as networks increase in complexity. The goal of such attacks is to steal valuable data, money or to cause general network disruption but the effects extend beyond the immediate damage caused by the attack. The potential ramifications such as loss of credibility, reputation, customer trust and legal breaches could have a significant lasting negative impact for businesses and organisations.

Penetration testing, deliberately trying to access resources on a network without the proper security credentials, helps establish weak links in security and allows IT managers to take action to secure their networks. Penetration testing can help uncover the most likely attack vectors as well as how well intrusion detection and prevention measures (IDS/IPS) and infrastructure hold up against attacks. Gaps in network security can then be addressed before attackers are able to exploit them.

Telesoft’s 100G Triton Cyber Test Tool is capable of ultra high rate penetration testing. Network packet capture files (PCAP) can be accelerated and combined with packet noise to reach 100Gbps line rate where single or multiple threats can then be injected to produce a test that reflects the most demanding challenges to security and infrastructure whilst also being representative of real network traffic.

Before purchasing new security solutions proper testing can establish whether a device is capable of the manufacturer’s claims. Zero packet loss, regardless of packet size, at full 100G line rate from the 100G Triton Cyber Test Tool means the device under test will be pushed to its limits, exposing any disparity between actual and claimed performance. Once a device has been selected its impact on network security as a whole can be established by further testing. Tweaks to configuration settings will often be required to achieve maximum performance and the effectiveness of each change can be established quickly and reliably using the 100G Triton Cyber Test Tool.

Network security is an ongoing process and as such needs to be constantly updated. New attacks are developed and discovered every day so effective security systems must constantly evolve to keep up. However, a change in one area of security may have unintended adverse effects in another area. By proactively testing network security as a whole using the latest threats from the open source penetration testing community security managers can be confident that their organisation won’t be the next high profile cyber-attack to be featured in the news.

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