Artificial Intelligence, machines learning to learn

16 Mar 2017

Type Artificial Intelligence (A.I) or Machine Learning in to a search engine and you’re looking at around 2,000,000,000 (wow, that’s a lot of zeros!) results, I think it is fair to say that it’s a hot topic at the moment. In those results you will find articles describing how this new era of technology will change the shape of everything and should be viewed as a tool not a threat.

 Traditional and some would distracting imagery used when talking about A.I, the reality is not so 'Hollywood' or menacing 

To counter this you will also find more than a healthy smattering of articles professing how the world is heading for a supercomputer led apocalypse. Even Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, arguably two of world’s greatest minds have serious misgivings, not about the development and science behind the technology but rather the impact of its use, ranging from potential job losses to its use by the military.

Now, it’s usually at this stage of reading a blog or article about A.I or Machine Learning that as an IT Security Professional I start to question what this has to do with me. It’s easy to get lost in the noise surrounding the subject and for those of us not involved in the Silicon Valley race for the next frontier, it all feels a little ‘science fiction’ or just out of reach, but just lately, those of us involved in the broader tech scene such as Network Security, are seeing the disruptive emergence of A.I and Machine Learning and it’s exciting applications for cyber security.

The Telesoft team have attended recent cyber events, large and small, where organisations, journalists and experts gathered to discuss the next steps for the cyber security industry, witnessing first-hand how companies are developing smart, autonomous security systems that use automatic program analysis to find ways to detect and fix network vulnerabilities faster than humans.

One of the disciplines that Telesoft specialises in is Flow Monitoring for high data rates (Telesoft’s IP Flow Probe monitors two 100GbE in a single 1U appliance), which allows organisations to monitor all of their internal (east to west) and external (north to south) network traffic. The Flow Probe feeds a reliable stream of raw un-sampled network flow data in to intelligent SIEM/collector’s such as Apache Spark and SparkSecure©, who use machine learning to turn that data in to an actionable resource for full network visibility.

Telesoft knows that organisations need to not only focus on traditional security measures, but embrace new techniques which allow us to learn from the behaviours of people and systems within the business as well as algorithms that look for known types of attacks. Combining un-sampled flow monitoring with intelligent SIEM/Collectors is a proven and effective way to do this.

There are many myths and broad generalisations about A.I and Machine Learning, but recognising and highlighting use cases which show real-world applications which keep end users safe from cyber-crimes, helps to debunk false beliefs surrounding this emerging technology market.

Talk to the Telesoft team today, to go over your cyber security strategy and see how the Telesoft IP Flow Probe integrates with your existing tools to help you better diagnose network issues and potential breaches.