Infosecurity Europe 2017…cyber in the spotlight

18 May 2017

So, this week has been a huge week for the cyber security community, explained it on one fear inducing word ‘ransomware’ and when I say huge, we are talking about a global incident. The WannaCry (or WannaCrypt) cyber-attack has so far hit 150 countries, going after everything from critical national infrastructure, train stations to ATM machines. The ransomware is spread using a known, and patched, vulnerability (MS17-010) that came from a leaked NSA set of exploits. The attack was so significant that Microsoft scrambled to create a special patch for Windows XP users, three years after it pulled support.

On the 6th June Infosecurity Europe will bring together some of the industry’s top experts and security evangelists, and over 360 exhibitors, including Telesoft (Discovery Zone, Stand Z04) who will all be debuting new and existing technologies that enhance network security. Along with keynotes and training sessions aimed at sharing key insights and best practices, as you can imagine this latest incident will not be far from everyone’s minds, as the show gets underway.

Telesoft will be showcasing the 200Gbps 1U IP Flow Probe which allows IT Professionals to see everything in their network, intelligently leveraging flow (Netflow & IPFIX) to capture data in motion. Overcoming resourcing challenges, security risks and gaining better insight into what is happening in the network. Telesoft have created an inexpensive yet powerful appliance that moves beyond traditional security techniques, utilising real-time examination, allowing organisations who have been forced to do more with less, capitalise on existing network infrastructure. Providing baseline data that can be analysed and audited to give a complete picture of what all users are doing across the network.

Some final words as you prepare for the show, the Olympia conference and exhibition center has a huge glass roof and can feel like a greenhouse in June. So, be prepared, keep hydrated and don’t forget to add the Telesoft stand (Discovery Zone, K04) to your itinerary.