In a connected IoT driven world, is Silicon Valley still the place to be?

06 Jul 2017

Whether you’re a venture capitalist wanting to invest in the next Apple or Facebook, or an engineer searching for the most innovative company to work for, Silicon Valley is to the tech world what Stonehenge is to a druid. The sheer amount of investment poured in to the Bay Area is eye watering and has perhaps unfairly tipped the scales of balance in relation to a start-ups location and their ultimate success. However, the tide is changing because global technology innovation hubs showcase the rise of new ecosystems of incubators, accelerators and venture capital alongside government incentives across the world.

The critical trend to watch is increasing government investment, predominantly driven by cyber security, not just at a financial level but in research, promotion and education. The stakes are as a high as the rewards are plentiful. Monitoring and nurturing disruptive and emerging technology is key to keep pace with adversaries and to monetise opportunities by region and challenges.

As technology innovation shifts and expands across the globe, now more than ever, cross-industry collaborations and partnerships are key to staying ahead, as is embracing failure and change, allowing organisations to stay agile and responsive in this rapidly changing landscape.

So, to answer the question posed in the title, technological advancements in IoT and headline grabbing challenges such as Cyber Security continue to fuel the impressive rise in creativity across the world. Offering new and inventive ways to solve business critical problems such as protecting customer’s data, while simultaneously creating new markets that energise and dominate the industry. At the same time Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture continues to incentivise countries all over the world to become leading technology innovation