21 Aug 2015 Hardware Accelerator cards, a cost effective solution for expanding network capabilities

As data rates continue to rise a vertical expansion model becomes increasingly unsustainable for network operators. The high operating costs that come with adding more and more servers to cope with rising network demands can be avoided, however, with the use of hardware accelerator cards. Read more

07 Aug 2015 NFV Series - Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), a disruption to the status quo

The telecoms market is constantly evolving. What worked 10, 5, or even 2 years ago might be obsolete in today’s market. As competition has increased the ability of operators to keep up with market developments has been hampered by a network architecture paradigm of complicated infrastructure consisting of many specialised hardware devices. Routers, switches and network nodes have conventionally been separate dedicated hardware devices designed to carry out a single function only. Read more

30 Jul 2015 Find your network breakpoint, before someone else does

Recent high profile security failures reinforce the case for demanding and realistic penetration testing to enable security managers to find the limits and vulnerabilities of their network. As networks become increasingly virtualised and component interactions become more complex establishing these security strengths and weaknesses becomes increasingly difficult. Read more

09 Jul 2015 The Network Packet Broker, answering the challenge of increasing data rates

Fixed and mobile network operators have traditionally used TAPs to access traffic flowing through their networks for the purposes of monitoring and analysis. To monitor smaller volumes of traffic these devices may be sufficient but the next generation solution, a Network Packet Broker (NPB), offers a number of additional features that may improve network security, performance and reduce costs. Read more

19 May 2015 Successful Implementation of the Telesoft OKEFORD 5500 Media Platform

One of the reasons Telesoft is an industry leader in the Datacommuncations and Telecommunications market, is the high level of before and after support we provide to our customers when providing a solution. As head of Technical Services, one of my main priorities is to ensure that we continue to deliver these exacting standards throughout the whole integration period and beyond. Read more