06 Jul 2017 In a connected IoT driven world, is Silicon Valley still the place to be?

Whether you’re a venture capitalist wanting to invest in the next Apple or Facebook, or an engineer searching for the most innovative company to work for, Silicon Valley is to the tech world what Stonehenge is to a druid. The sheer amount of investment poured in to the Bay Area is eye watering and has perhaps unfairly tipped the scales of balance in relation to a start-ups location and their ultimate success. However, the tide is changing because global technology innovation hubs showcase the rise of new ecosystems of incubators, accelerators and venture capital alongside government incentives across the world. Read more

03 Jul 2017 When hunting in multi-100G network data lakes, you need to be carrying the biggest harpoon

It’s a challenging puzzle – network data is increasing at a rate faster than virtually all network analytics, security and forensics platforms can keep up with. Legacy network and behavioural analytics platforms drown in the resultant data lake. Read more

18 Jun 2017 Infosecurity Europe 2017 Round-up

This year’s Infosecurity Europe began rather soggily at the Olypmia in London on Tuesday morning but the clouds soon cleared for an impressive and informative 3 days of keynotes, training and exhibitions, with over 17,972 visitors from over 77 countries the show was a hive of cyber security innovation and education. Read more

18 May 2017 Infosecurity Europe 2017…cyber in the spotlight

So, this week has been a huge week for the cyber security community, explained it on one fear inducing word ‘ransomware’ and when I say huge, we are talking about a global incident. The WannaCry (or WannaCrypt) cyber-attack has so far hit 150 countries, going after everything from critical national infrastructure, train stations to ATM machines. The ransomware is spread using a known, and patched, vulnerability (MS17-010) that came from a leaked NSA set of exploits. The attack was so significant that Microsoft scrambled to create a special patch for Windows XP users, three years after it pulled support. Read more

20 Apr 2017 Understanding Network Behaviour using NetFlow

In briefest of terms NetFlow helps you understand who, what, where, when, and how network traffic is moving through the network. NetFlow is data generated by network devices – routers, switches, firewalls, etc. which contain information about ‘data in motion’ in a network. Read more