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Telesoft innovation delivers smallest footprint 100Gb/s processing solution

22 Oct 2012

PCIe card with dynamic filtering technology offers cost effective platform for innovative Big Data and Cloud analysis solutions

Telesoft has launched an industry defining 100Gb/s packet processing solution within a single PCIe card suitable for 1u server chassis. The new MPAC–IP 6100 is a significant advancement and builds on pioneering work from Telesoft that delivered early to market and proven 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s cards. Globally, Telesoft supplies technology to over 250 service operators within 106 countries.

"With the volume of data moving through operator networks increasing rapidly, the opportunity to deliver additional services is hampered by the cost and complexity of deploying packet processing platforms," explains Andy Evripides, Senior Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for Telesoft.

"Our new 100Gb/s packet processing solution delivered within a PCIe form factor is suited to any chassis size from 1u upwards. The inclusion of a SR10 CXP interface allows operators to quickly and cost effectively build–out full line speed packet analyses capability in a low power and cost effective footprint."

The new MPAC–IP 6100 offers "zero packet loss" by utilising powerful real–time filtering and buffering to ensure that applications always receive the required data for analyses. This enhancement improves performance and reduces the cost of post processing hardware and software. By supporting the same pcap / DMA API interface with extensions as Telesoft Technologies' existing solutions, the new 100Gb/s card can be quickly deployed within a data analytics and policy control role to deliver significant operator benefits. The new 100Gb/s card is the next generation of a family of compatible cards running at 4x10Gb/s and 2x40Gb/s that is helping operators seamlessly upgrade capabilities in line with emerging opportunities.

A key feature of the new 100Gb/s solution from Telesoft is the ability to have data selectively filtered and extracted dynamically by different applications. Packet slicing allows unwanted data to be discarded or routed for storage and future processing. This on card filtering, an area pioneered by Telesoft in its established 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s platforms, dramatically reduces host CPU burden which delivers additional to cost–savings.

"As first to market, we have generated significant interest from both existing and potential clients that have been waiting for a true lossless 100Gb/s solution with a cost effective migration model, " explains Evripides, "We have already shipped our first evaluation units and will be announcing first wins later in the year."

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