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World's First 100Gb/s Packet Processing Card

31 Jul 2012

This week, Telesoft launched the world's first 100Gb/s packet processing solution on a single PCIe card. Building on its range of 4x 10Gb/s and 2x 40Gb/s cards, the new single card 100Gb/s solution enables ultra–high performance low–footprint solutions to be deployed by operators, governments and OEMs.

Offering zero packet loss and powerful real–time filtering/buffering, as well as an integrated100GBASE–SR10 CXP interface, it optimizes your application performance and reduces the cost of your post processing hardware and software. It represents the latest in a long line of breakthroughs for Telesoft.

By offering 100Gb/s on a single card, operators can increase system density and significantly reduce costs.

Supporting the same pcap / DMA API interface with extensions as Telesoft Technologies' existing solutions and enabling dynamic control of filters, the new 100Gb/s card can be used as the foundation of packet processing solutions for the evolving network. Data can be selectively filtered and extracted dynamically by different applications. Packet slicing allows unwanted data to be discarded or routed for storage and future processing.

With the new 100Gb/s PCIe card, operators can gracefully migrate from existing solution to new, higher–speed interfaces, ensuring investment protection and reducing upgrade costs. A key feature is the packet time delay buffer, which allows "back in time" analysis. An application can focus on high level data and, when an event of interest is detected, a deeper search within the data in the buffer can be initiated. This eliminates packet loss due to event detection latency or when an event occurs during an open session.

Telesoft's 100Gb/s solution allows scalable, low power solutions to be deployed in cost–effective 1U rack mount servers, consuming less power and significantly reducing OPEX. On card filtering dramatically reduces host CPU burden, adding to cost–savings.
Packet processing capabilities are the cornerstone of a range of current and emerging applications. The Big Data revolution is gathering pace and operators are beginning to recognize the value of data in their network. To capture this data, securely and reliably requires deployment of solutions that are capable of connecting to any interface. By launching the world's first 100Gb/s processing card, Telesoft Technologies is providing a solution to ensure operators stay ahead of the game.

Data analytics and policy control present a significant opportunity for operators. To capitalize on this opportunity, operators must be able to collect data from any point in their network. They must be able to selectively filter and direct data to relevant applications. What's more, a new class of applications is emerging through which such data can be monetized.

Fundamental to this is the ability to capture data and to filter based on dynamic selection criteria, without losing a packet. With the next generation of packet processing solutions from Telesoft Technologies, operators can now confidently deploy solutions that will allow them to connect securely to any interface in their network.

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