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Telesoft to demonstrate 100Gbit/s IPFIX at Flocon 2016

01 Dec 2015

Telesoft Technologies ( a market leading provider of cyber intelligence and defence enabling technologies, is proud to announce our sponsorship of Flocon 2016. As part of their continued commitment to accelerating network security applications, Telesoft will be exhibiting and demonstrating their ultra-high performance intelligence extraction, payload inspection, filtering and capture capability.

The Flocon network security conference is a fantastic opportunity to see a demonstration of the new Telesoft 100G Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Probe which delivers unparalleled Netflow/IPFIX generation at speeds of 100Gbps. This provides network security teams the ability to analyse and detect anomalies inside ultra-scale networks running up to 100Gbps, assisting with the detection of cyber threats and attacks, to supplement existing border protection.

Matt George, Chief Technical Officer of Telesoft Technologies commented “Sponsoring Flocon 2016 was an easy choice for Telesoft, our solutions and technical experts are excited to be contributing to the network security conversation. As data rates to continue to rise ultra-scale data centres operating at multiples of 10Gbits/s to 100Gbits/s and beyond need accurate and secure methods to rapidly monitor network performance and traffic behaviour to guarantee network security, data protection and subscriber experience”.

For more information about the 100G IPFIX Probe or any other product, please contact the Telesoft sales team at

We hope to see you at Flocon 2015, if you would like to book a one to one meeting at the conference then please contact Sarah Chandley at