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Telesoft to Exhibit at RSA 2016

03 Mar 2016

Telesoft Technologies is a Cyber Defense and Intelligence vendor supplying highly scalable products to enterprise, government and federal agencies for over 26 years, giving cyber security professionals the tools to build faster and superior network defences

Ultra-throughput plug and play hardware solutions provide complete access to real-time network traffic, reliably capturing and pre-processing data, allowing you to see and protect everything critical to you. This streamlines cost prohibitive storage requirements and enables complete visibility of both perimeter and internal network traffic, allowing maximum performance of analytical tools.

When building cyber security defences, cyber security professionals face not only the threat from attackers who are more skilled and sophisticated than ever but also organisational barriers such as ever increasing traffic volumes, budgetary constraints, compatibility issues and certification requirements. Telesoft’s first to market products address each of these issues, dramatically increasing incident response and threat detection.

During RSA 2016, Telesoft will be showcasing their latest FPGA technologies and launching two unique game changing products; the MPAC Security 4x10GbE Suricata Acceleration card which maximises the performance of trusted open source Technologies such as SURICATA, SNORT and BRO and the 100G IPFIX Probe that enables next generation network visibility and intelligence.

For more information about our products, the Telesoft team will be on the UKTI Technology is GREAT stand 1745 South Expo to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively you can arrange a private meeting by contacting