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Telesoft adds new features to the IPFIX/Netflow probe, maximizing network visibility

23 Nov 2016

Telesoft Technologies ( a global provider of government infrastructure, cyber security and telecom products and services, today announced that it is now offering JSON on the IPFIX/Netflow Probe, allowing easier integration with enterprise storage and analytic platforms such as Elastic Search/Hadoop/Apache Spark/Apache Storm/Kentik & Splunk.

The IPFIX/Netflow Probe from Telesoft provides network operators with an innovative and powerful way to turn raw network traffic data in to real-time intelligence for superior network security. The continuing evolution of the IPFIX/Netflow Probe ensures your data management systems are able to tap in to different types of data in your network and maintain scalability and cost effectivity.

“Data management can be complicated and costly especially when processing huge amounts of data. Important business insights can be derived from a variety of data sources such social media and internet usage. Enterprise and organisations across all industries are losing out on a potentially valuable resource.

Conventional flow monitoring systems are not equipped to deal with high volumes of traffic, the IPFIX/Netflow Probe has been specially designed with FPGA technology to process data up to 100Gbps and then intelligently load balance to collectors, preventing loss and maximising network stability and visibility. Telesoft has been recognised as Gartner Cool Vendor specifically for this technology and we are proud to be adding to the already rich feature set.” Steve Patton, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Find out more about the Telesoft IPFIX/Netflow Probe and the other products in our cyber security range from our website or contact our sales department.

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