TDAC (Telesoft Data Analytics Capability) is a cost effective, field-proven ultra-high-rate throughput, large-scale network and application performance monitoring platform. As networks expand and security threats rise, CISOs and IT security professionals are losing visibility, knowledge and control. By leveraging NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and other flow data, TDAC provides complete network visibility and the actionable insight required to quickly identify and troubleshoot a wide variety of network and security issues – ultimately reducing the time between problem onset and resolution.

TDAC scales horizontally according to the resources allocated to it, enhanced database features allow all network data, including that from different geographical locations to be queried as a single data mass.

TDAC’s integrated database allows full storage of collected flow meta-data, taking in a range of formats such as raw JSON, IPFIX, IDS alerts and access/system logs. Incorporating up to Layer 7 application visibility, along with packet-level performance statistics, to provide valuable security context.

TDAC enables users to perform and combine many types of queries on the data mass as a whole, returning search results in seconds. Explore trends and patterns in your data by using our built in queries, configuring your own or combining both for flexible control of multitenant-capable search and analytics. This advanced insight is invaluable for determining whether an issue stems from an application, the network itself, or from a security incident.

Search and analytics is visualised on TDACs intuitive and secure GUI, allowing users to navigate and understand data, leveraging the full aggregation capabilities of TDACs database. Easily drilling down into massive amounts of network data to pull out the most relevant intelligence for incident response, performance monitoring and reporting.

Interactive GUI

Reporting and Monitoring

Investigation: Virology Spread by Host

Investigation:DDoS Sources/Botnet Activity

The platform is available as an appliance or as software-only to run on your own Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) infrastructure.

Key Features

Analysis of multi 100Gbps network

Cost effective visibility and analysis of ultra-scale networks

Low latency query (typically > 2 minutes)

Works with Incident response work flow

Pre-built queries and user definable

Works out-of-the-box (no programming required) but also flexible

Analytics software runs on users infrastructure

Use existing datacenter resources or benefit from existing supply pricing for server provisioning

Scales to multiple 100Gbps monitoring

Have visibility of ultra-scale networks where SOC is currently blind

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