Working as an international brand

21 Apr 2015

For more than 20 years we have supported operators and governments across every network generation including wireless, cable, LTE, 2G, 3G and 4G. We have worked with over 250 operators in 100 countries. During this time, we have established an impressive UK base of operations, with offices in both the US and India. This has allowed us to build an international team of professional, knowledgeable and experienced employees. Giving Telesoft a unique view of the global Telecommunications market, how it works and more importantly what our customers need to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

We have got together our representatives in India, US and the UK to give you an insight into each of their markets:

“As the Indian market shifts towards Datacom and Media Consolidation, we understand that our customer’s technical and price requirements are in constant flux, as a team we have and will continue to provide flexible solutions that meet with the rigorous technical specifications that the industry requires.

Our position means we have been able to build the Telesoft brand in not only India but also in surrounding countries, with particular focus on the African continent. We build strong relationships with our customers, by clearly and concisely communicating the key technological advantages of working with Telesoft, offering the most competitive price and providing a high standard of after sales support” – Rohit Singh, Presales Professional, Telesoft Technologies (India)

“With a highly educated consumer economy, data breaches in the US are potentially financially crippling to companies as consumers run to competitors. Coupled with the exponential growth in data rates, real time access to data to make informed decisions in the cyber security realm is a critical business need. Enterprises and governments are finding licensing and scalability issues with virtualized software solutions in the realm of multiple 10G, 40G and even 100G interfaces. Telesoft’s expertise in FPGA-based solutions to apply pattern matching and regexes at line rate is highly advantageous in the extreme cyber environment.

I am privileged to be able to marry customer problem states with Telesoft solutions in these areas, as Vice President of Technology in the US. The ability to find the needle in the haystack at 100G and beyond is a fundamental problem that our technology helps organizations solve in realtime. No post processing, no per-gigabyte licensing, just the data and flows that the application needs, delivered. As proud as I am of our 100G probe and similar, no technology is useful without a practical application. I am blessed with a number of customers that I work with on a daily basis who are realizing the value of hardware acceleration in order to keep ahead of the rising tide of data and exploits” – Mark Ashmeade, Vice President of Technology, Telesoft Technologies (America)

"There are market differences around the globe, but common trends such as increasing bandwidth, throughput and the need for real time, low latency monitoring and analysis, for cyber-attack detection and prevention, QoE measurement, test, and low latency data processing are everywhere. FPGAs form the foundation of our products and give us a perfect combination of implementing the heavy data decode lifting in specialised hardware, allowing software to run on multi-core processing platforms in the most efficient way possible". - Steve Patton, Senior Product Manager, Telesoft Technologies (United Kingdom)