Ten years of innovations at MWC - 2012

19 Feb 2017

Whether it is your first-ever Mobile World Congress (MWC) or you’re a seasoned veteran, it won't be lost on you that MWC is a one-stop shop for all the latest from the world of Mobile, IOT and Telecommunications. Telesoft has been exhibiting for over 10 years and to celebrate we have taken a look back at some of the most exciting events and innovations to come out of the show for the last ten years, from flip phones to virtual reality. 2012 saw the UK and the Commonwealth celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Mars Science Laboratory or "Curiosity Rover" landed succesfully on Mars.

Microsoft and the case of the missing 'Start Button'

Windows 8 preview

2012 was a big year for Microsoft who demonstrated a consumer preview of Windows 8 at MWC, which was touted as the most substantial update since Windows 95. The biggest shock however was the absence of the 'Start Button', which triggered the creation of many online 'How do I get my start button back'? tutorials.