MWC 2017 Round Up: IoT Becoming a Reality

06 Mar 2017

Every year around 100,000 people descend on Barcelona to try and cut a deal or two at Mobile World Congress (MWC), arguably the biggest Telecoms show in the world, and 2017 did not disappoint. From the return of old favourites like the Nokia 3310 to the launch of plucky newcomers such as the LG 6G, MWC is a who’s who of the mobile industry, big and small and everyone in between.

 T-Mobile Stand at MWC 2017

It’s easy to get lost in all the flashy reveals from the likes of Google, Samsung and Hwawei but just past the monolithic stands of Halls 1 and 2 were a swath of companies who were debuting IoT based technologies, which will shape the industry for years to come. Use cases for IoT and how this will integrate and interact with the world was all over the show. We spoke with a number of people who were partnering with larger companies to launch real world IoT solutions for everything from online billing systems, agriculture planning and weather predictions, smart cars and traffic systems to minimising wastage in the oil refinery sector.

Peugeot New Instinct Concept, which is both autonomous and drivable, launched at MWC 2017

“Companies are going to spend almost $5 trillion on the IoT in the next five years — and the proliferation of connected devices and massive increase in data has started an analytical revolution.” – Business This surge in innovation and connectivity can only mean one thing, a massive spike in data rates and this unfortunately brings with it a multitude of cyber security related issues, chief among them protecting your end user.

This fact is not lost on the industry and organisations know that they need smart network security tech to fit in to their cyber security strategy, and the presence of some of the biggest cyber security houses at this year’s show only confirmed this. As a market leading cyber innovator, Telesoft demonstrated the IP Flow Probe at the show, which generates un-sampled flow statistics on network traffic up to 200Gbits/s in a small footprint 1U appliance. Allowing security teams to monitor all traffic coming in or out of their networks, therefore enabling them to spot any potential issues before they become problems. The product and concept understandably drew significant attention as world’s most influential companies, journalists and engineers prepare for the next generation.

To conclude, MWC 2017 was so much more than mobile handsets, this year’s show was dominated by the IoT connectivity solutions and those seeking to start a conversation around the best ways to connect, secure and monetize their IoT strategies to find success in the years ahead.