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Telesoft Technologies launches new, high-speed 40Gb/s packet processing cards

13 Dec 2011

Hardware packet processing to accelerate the performance of DPI applications.

Telesoft announced today the availability of a new range of high–speed packet processing cards that have been designed to significantly accelerate the performance of deep packet inspection applications.

Processor intensive DPI applications need to be able to selectively process packets from high–speed electrical and optical networks. Delegating the task of packet processing to specialised resource cards significantly reduces the demands on the host CPU and accelerates deep packet inspection processes. By offloading the packet processing function, the new MPAC–IP cards help to reduce the packet–processing overhead and improve the throughput of deep packet inspection applications.

Using dynamic filtering, the MPAC–IP cards can be configured in real–time to only select the packets that are of interest, eliminating the need for applications to identify and discard irrelevant packets. Advanced buffering ensures that 100% of packets can be captured, with zero loss, in real–time and at transmission rates of up to 40Gb/s from each input source.

More than 32,000 dynamically configurable filters are available to provide complete user control of a range of applications that depend on line–rate deep packet inspection such as QoS/ QoE monitoring, packet monitoring, policy management and cyber security.

Andy Evripides, Senior VP Sales and Marketing at Telesoft, said, "The new MPAC–IP cards will help developers to create line–speed packet processing applications that miss no data during packet flow analysis. The size of the buffer ensures that 100% of traffic can be captured in real time at 40Gbps rates and with 32,000 dynamically configurable packet filters, the new MPAC–IP range provides industry leading flexibility and performance."
"By using our technology to offload packet processing, developers and OEMs can significantly reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of their solutions", he added.

The full range of MPAC–IP packet processing hardware is available today enabling developers to leverage a new standard of packet processing in the DPI applications.

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