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Telesoft goes big on Suricata!

29 Apr 2016

Telesoft Technologies Ltd (, a Cyber Defense and Network Visibility vendor, today announced a free, no obligation 30 day evaluation for the MPAC Security IDS accelerator. This 4x10GbE PCIe accelerated capture card enables IDS applications, and specifically open source Suricata to run on multiples of 10Gbps, allowing organizations to invest in security tools that protect not only the perimeter but the critical internal network.

As data rates reach an all-time high and are projected to increase exponentially over the coming years, enterprise businesses are, whether by choice or not, responsible for the storage, protection and management of the large majority of this data. Network security professionals are under increasing pressure to ensure their organization isn’t the latest victim of an embarrassing security breach, while simultaneously making smart cost effective decisions. Scaling and controlling your Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to match this growth pattern is crucial, detecting suspicious activities to/from hosts and within the traffic itself in real-time, enables you to take faster proactive measures to log and block attacks.

Efficient threat detection doesn’t mean expensive tools or resources, it does however require that smart choices be made when choosing network security solutions. Which is why we have created the MPAC Security, allowing you to build an IDS based on Open Source Suricata that scales up to 40Gbps in a single server, easily out pacing the functionality of NIC and capture cards, while at the same reducing rack space and power requirements. Building IDS in to your existing infrastructures using Open Source software allows you to protect your organizations most valuable asset, its data.

We are confident in our accelerated threat detection technology but understand that you need to ensure that resources are properly allocated. That’s why we offer a 30 day free evaluation, allowing your team to test form, fit, function and assess if the MPAC Security is the right choice for your organization.

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Find out more about the MPAC Security and the free, no obligation 30 day evaluation then please contact sales department department

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